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Our Members

Powys Community Health Council Membership

Powys Community Health Council is made up of 24 members:

12 appointed by the Minister for Health and Social Care

6 appointed from Powys County Council

6 appointed from Voluntary Organisations

Community Health Councils can also co-opt non-voting members.

Powys Community Health Council Full Council Membership:

Welsh Government

Dr Anthea Wilson

Mrs Jacqueline Wilding

Mrs Jane Randall-Smith

Miss Frances Bateman

Ms Sue Bidmead

Ms Kathryn Leach

Ms Pamela Smith

Local Authority

Cllr Jackie Charlton (Vice Chair)

Cllr Peter Roberts

Cllr Edwin Roderick

Cllr Lucy Roberts

Cllr Angelique Williams

Cllr Heulwen Hulme

Voluntary Organisations

Dr David Collington (Chair)

Dr Patricia Dryden

Mr F Geoffrey Davies

Mr David Jones

Mr Robert Benyon

Co-opted Members

Miss Karen Collins