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Patient Experience of GP Services in Powys

For many months, CHCs across Wales have been hearing comments about the difficulty people have with accessing services in their GP practice.  We have been reporting these issues to Health Boards and to Welsh Government.

We wanted to find out more about people’s current experience of accessing GP services in Powys and so, during August, we had a question running through our social media channels to gather people’s views. 

We received comments from people who reported very good experience.  We heard from people who said they were able to obtain appointments when they needed them, they were able to get face-to-face appointments when necessary, they received the advice and treatment that they needed, they were able to obtain an appointment on the day if urgent and they were satisfied with the triage system.

However, we heard from many more people who were not happy with their access to GP services. 

Please see our full report which outlines what people reported and what Powys Teaching Health Board has told us is happening to improve access arrangements for patients.