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Mental Health of Young People During COVID-19

Powys Community Health Council (CHC) has published a Report about ‘Mental Health of Young People During COVID-19 Pandemic’.

There has been a lot of information in the media about mental health issues facing young people because of the pandemic and the way it has affected everyone’s lives.

In Powys, we set out to hear what young people think about the support which has been available to them to help with their mental health and emotional wellbeing throughout  the period of the pandemic.  We also wanted to hear about the way that young people think services could be improved.  We produced an online survey to hear young people’s views.

We received 337 responses to the survey.  We thank all the young people who took the time to share their views and experiences with us.

Our report reflects the views and experiences we’ve heard from young people living in Powys.

Read our full report here

Easy-Read Version of our report here

Easy-Read Version of the responses to our report here